Future Proof: Promax BDA ANZ - 2011
Client: Promax BDA ANZ
Role: Concept Development, Design Lead, Colour Grade, Compositing, 3d Animation and design.
Studio: DMCI

To highlight the idea, "Future Proof." I tried to keep the feeling minimal, by combining what is intrinsically human, dance, with what is futuristic and modern, floating shapes in atmospheric space.

Pause Fest: Winner of "Best of the Fest."
Toronto Animation Arts Festival: Stash Magazine's VFX Highlights of 2011-2012.
Freatured in Stash, Promax Daily Brief, Vimeo Staff Picks. Showcased at Dipup.tv's Parisian "Pixellerie Fine" and Norway's National Broadcaster's (NRK) "The National Gallery,"
The film has additionally been selected and screened in Film Festivals and Events in the UK (Olympic Arts Venue), Paris, Italy, Austria and Denmark.


Colour Grading: